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About Us

Our Story and Mission

Itzayana a New Vision has been operating in the Monroe County and surrounding areas for 21 years now, since 2002. From being a small service and maintenance provider to being the most reliable choice for quality work in the poconos, our mission has never changed. Bringing you the highest quality work and service possible has always been our goal. Our honest team is committed to providing quality work in all aspects, from our interior renovations to our exterior landscaping. Become part of our community today. Call or Email for more information.

Our Story

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Our Leadership

Luis Antonio Cordova - CEO, Founder, Owner

Luis Cordova is the founder, owner, and CEO of Itzayana and partners. He began his career in the business 15 years ago, already having years of experience prior to his entrepreneurship endeavors. An honest, skilled, and hardworking family man, Luis Cordova has always led Itzayana a New Vision with enthusiasm, spreading the idea that work must be done diligently and with enthusiasm to provide the best quality to our community. 

"Luis is wonderful to work with, very knowledgable in the field. The teams and quality of work Itzayana brings is unmatched..."


Although we are not hiring at the moment, we are always on the lookout for people with the necessary skills, experience, and motivation to work with. If you believe you could bring something to our team, don't hesitate on contacting our team and speaking with a representative!

We are looking for hardworking persons with experience in any sort of general contractor field (hardscapes, landscapes, construction, renovation, etc.) who love the job and are enthusiastic about working. Not sure if you qualify? Contact us via call or email, or our quick contact box to the right, and well get back to you as soon as possible.

Career Contact

Welll get right back to you!

itzayana a New Vision 

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